Unemployment FAQs

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null How can I get information about my claim not available through the weekly claim line or online? What information are you questioning?

  • If you have received a message regarding eligibility, it means that KDOL is performing an eligibility review. There are a number of reasons for an eligibility review.  Payment will not be processed until the investigation is complete and you are found eligible for benefits. Please respond to all requests for information from the agency in order to speed the process along.
  • If you receive a message indicating that benefits did not pay because of the waiting week, it is because you are required to serve a waiting week.  We know that a systems glitch caused some claimants not to receive the payment for the waiting week, and we are working to resolve that issue.

If you have questions that cannot otherwise be answered by the weekly claim system or online, you will have to speak to an Unemployment Insurance Contact Center representative.