Workers Compensation FAQs

The Kansas Department of Labor Workers Compensation Division is responsible for the administration of the Kansas Workers Compensation laws and rules. The division focuses on ensuring employees injured at work, employers, health care providers and insurance carriers receive timely, impartial and fair claim resolution.

null I filed a request for review of a final order or award, now what?

When a request for review of an award has been filed with the division through OSCAR, a briefing schedule and hearing date notice is emailed by the Board to all parties. Appellant has 30 days from the date the application is processed in which to file a brief. The appellee(s) has (have) 20 days to file a brief thereafter. The appellant has 30 days from the date the application is filed to file a brief. Once the briefing schedule is established and a hearing date is scheduled, the appeals board will review the case and determine whether an oral argument is necessary.

If the Board finds that oral argument is not necessary, the case will be placed on the summary docket and a notice will be sent to all parties. Cases not set for oral argument will be deemed submitted the day after the last brief is due. 

Oral argument may be held in person or by telephone conference. The most convenient way to reschedule an oral argument is to call the Board office at (785) 296-4000 for a list of dates/times that are available. Once a date is agreed upon between the party and opposing counsel, notify the board office. A second notice will be mailed by the board confirming the change. Please remember, we schedule several months ahead of time.