Workers Compensation FAQs

The Kansas Department of Labor Workers Compensation Division is responsible for the administration of the Kansas Workers Compensation laws and rules. The division focuses on ensuring employees injured at work, employers, health care providers and insurance carriers receive timely, impartial and fair claim resolution.

null Medical Care Providers

Where can I find a copy of the Fee Schedule?

You can find the latest copy of the Fee Schedule in the Workers Compensation section of this website.

Can a Provider be paid less than the Fee Schedule?

Yes, a Provider can be paid less than the Fee Schedule if an employer/carrier enters into a contract with a provider. Such contracts will supersede limitation amounts. Please refer to K.S.A. 44-510i and K.A.R. 51-9-17 for further clarification.

How should I resolve billing problems or claim denials?

In the event a controversy arises between the provider and the payer, an attempt should be made by the involved parties to resolve said issue(s).

If you still cannot resolve your issue, contact the Medical Services and Fee Schedule Unit at (785) 296-4000 (option 8) or

Can the Employer / Carrier refuse payment or adjust fees?

Yes. However, the employer must notify the provider in writing, within 30 days of receipt of the bill, explaining the reason for refusing payment or adjusting fees.

How often is the Fee Schedule updated?

The scheduled of maximum fees is revised when necessary at least every two years to assure that it is current, reasonable, and fair.

Who should I bill?

Employers must provide for payment of medical claims in one of three ways:

  1. Workers Compensation insurance: obtained from a licensed insurance carrier. The employer pays the premiums and the insurance company pays the claims
  2. Self-insurance: an individual employer must demonstrate to the state the financial ability to pay any claims that might arise
  3. Group-funded pool: a group of employers meeting certain statutory requirements may form a self-insurance program to jointly insure their ability to pay claims.

This program is administered by the Kansas Department of Insurance. All medical bills shall be submitted to the appropriate insurance for that employer.

How do I verify an employer’s coverage?

Please contact the employer directly.

Is there a hearing process for unresolved disputes?

If the dispute is not settled after the informal hearing, the director may schedule a formal hearing.