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How is the amount of my benefits determined?

When you file an  application, your work history will be reviewed to determine if you have earned enough wages to qualify.

To qualify for benefits you must have been paid wages from insured employment in at least two quarters with the total of your wages being at least 30 times your WBA. Insured work is work performed for employers who are required to pay unemployment insurance tax on your wages. 

We determine both your weekly benefit amount (WBA) and your total benefit amount (TBA) based on the wages you earned during your base period.

What will my Weekly Benefit Amount be?

The weekly benefit amounts will be a minimum of $147 and a maximum of $589 per week for claims filed between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024. You will be notified of your weekly benefit amount through a monetary determination, which will be issued after you file an application for benefits. If you want an estimate of your weekly benefit amount, we recommend using our benefits calculator at GetKansasBenefits.gov

When is my claim start date?

You claim start date is the Sunday of the week you file your application for benefits. This date is also called your benefit year begins date (BYB). Your claim is good for one year starting with this date.

Is there a waiting week?

Yes. claimants are generally required to serve a one-week waiting period per benefit year. You will not receive payment for the waiting period but you are required to file a weekly certification. 

My Claim Year ended, but I’m still unemployed. Do I need to reapply?

Yes, if your claim year has ended and you still need unemployment benefits, file a new application at GetKansasBenefits.gov

What is the Weekly Benefit Amount?

The Weekly Benefit Amount is the amount of unemployment insurance benefits you are eligible to receive each week before taxes and other deductions, if you are determined eligible. 

What is the Maximum Benefit Amount?

The Maximum Benefit Amount is the amount of unemployment benefits you are eligible to receive during your benefit year, if you are determined eligible divide your maximum benefit amount by your weekly benefit amount to calculate the approximate number of weeks available to you.

What is the Average Kansas Rate?

The seasonally adjusted, three-month average unemployment rate in Kansas at the time your claim is effective.

Will other income impact my benefits?

Vacation, holiday, bonus, pension, and separation pay may reduce or delay your unemployment benefits. If you receive these types of pay while claiming unemployment benefits, report this information when you file your application and weekly certification for payment.

What if I have been ordered to pay child support?

If you court-ordered to pay child support and are in arrears, the Kansas Department for Children and Families will initiate an order to take part of your unemployment insurance benefits.

Initially, the order will take 50 percent of your benefits each week.

For more information please call the Child Support Call Center at (888) 757-2445.

Are my benefits taxable?

Unemployment insurance is taxable income and must be reported on your federal and state income tax returns.

Taxes can be withheld from your weekly unemployment benefits ,by completing and returning the Agreement to Withhold Federal Income Tax from UI Benefits and/or the Agreement to Withhold Kansas Income Tax from Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

In January IRS Form 1099-G will be mailed to you with the amount of unemployment insurance benefits paid and any tax withholdings during the previous year. 


How will I get paid?

You must file a weekly certification for payment for each week. Payments will be made if all eligibility requirements have been met. Your claim becomes inactive if you have not filed a weekly certification or had any other activity on your claim for 14 calendar days. Claims will be paid by US Bank ReliaCard® or direct deposit.

When will I be paid?

If eligible, payments are normally received two to three business days after you file your weekly certification. Benefit payments will not always be deposited to your US Bank ReliaCard® or bank account on the same day each week. Payment may be delayed due to holidays or temporarily held while determining eligibility. You must file your weekly certifications while any investigation is in progress.

How can I find out if my benefit payment has been issued?

You can obtain information concerning the status of your claim anytime online by selecting the Check your weekly claim status option, or by selecting option one (1) through the weekly claim phone line. You will be able to get information about:

  • The last three weeks you claimed.
  • Date and amount of your benefit payment and the amount of benefits remaining.
  • If a benefit payment was not issued.
  • If the amount of your benefit payment is reduced and the reason for it.

What is the US Bank ReliaCard® card?

US Bank ReliaCard® is one way for unemployment to be paid in Kansas. A card will be mailed to your home address when your first payable week is processed if you do not sign up for direct deposit. The US Bank ReliaCard® is loaded with your unemployment benefit payments, making cash available at ATMs, Visa member financial institutions, and other locations. The Frequently Asked Questions on the US Bank ReliaCard® website provides detailed instructions on how to use your card.

Important Reminder: It can take up to 10 days after processing the first payable week for you to receive your US Bank ReliaCard®.

If you have had a US Bank ReliaCard® in the past from filing for unemployment, the payments will be loaded to the old card unless it has expired. Call U.S. Bank at (866) 335-1653 to double check to see if you have a US Bank ReliaCard® or if a replacement card is needed.

If I receive a US Bank ReliaCard®, does that mean I have met the unemployment benefits eligibility criteria?

Receiving a US Bank ReliaCard® means your first benefit payment has been made. Getting the card does not guarantee continued eligibility. Continue to file weekly certifications. 

Important Reminder: It can take 10 days after processing the first payable week for you to receive your US Bank ReliaCard®.  Choose direct deposit in payment options for quicker access to your payments.

How can I access my unemployment benefit funds through my US Bank ReliaCard®?

To access your funds, you can:

  • Make purchases through signature or PIN-based transactions.
  • Get cash back at participating store point-of-sale locations.
  • Funds from an in-network ATM, as identified by U.S. Bank.
  • Transfer funds to your personal bank account through U.S. Bank.
  • Obtain cash through bank tellers at any participating bank.
Important Note Regarding ATM Withdrawals: There is a fee for out-of-network ATM withdrawals and international withdrawals.

Where can I get cash with my US Bank ReliaCard®?

You can receive cash back at select retail point-of-sale merchant locations. You can also withdraw funds with no fee at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass® ATM. Check out usbankreliacard.com or https://moneypass.com/atm-locator.html for a list of surcharge-free ATMs.

I haven't received my US Bank ReliaCard® yet.

If you opted to receive UI benefits on the US Bank ReliaCard® but have not received the card yet, check on the status of your card on the US Bank ReliaCard® website. If you're unable to locate the status of your card, log into your GetKansasBenefits (GKB) account and make sure you accepted the disclosures in the Payment Options tab and make sure your address is correct.

Can I access the entire cash amount of my unemployment benefit payment on the day the funds are available on my US Bank ReliaCard®?

Yes. The total amount is available for withdrawal on the day of payment. However, there may be a daily limit set on ATM cash withdrawals. Please note that some transactions, such as use of your debit card at a gas station, restaurant or hotel, may cause a hold on an amount of your card for up to several days. Some ATMs set limits on the amount that can be withdrawn at one time.

Can the Contact Center help me manage my payment information?

No. Only you can access your payment information on GetKansasBenefits.gov to manage the payment of your benefits. All inquiries regarding direct deposit must be made through your banking institution.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Log in to your account on GetKansasBenefits.gov and select Payment Options. Select direct deposit and fill out the required banking information.

Sample check that explains how to read the Routing Number, Account Number and Check Number from the bottom of the check

Can I split my weekly unemployment payment to go to multiple accounts?

No. Payments can only be deposited into a single checking or savings account.

Will I be notified when funds are deposited in my bank account?

No. You will not receive a notification. Some banks do offer notifications but you would need to contact your bank.

What if the KDOL website shows my weekly unemployment payment went through but my bank does not have a record of the deposit?

Once we have issued payment contact your bank if you have questions about your direct deposit.

How do I change my payment method?

Through your account on GetKansasBenefits.gov.  Log in and choose payment method. Then select the option you wish and provide any required information.

You can switch between the US Bank ReliaCard® and direct deposit or change your direct deposit account. Only future payments will be changed when you select a different payment method. 

Are there any fees associated with having my weekly unemployment payment direct deposited?


How often will I need to update my direct deposit information?

Any time you file an application for benefits, review your banking information for accuracy.

Multiple weeks have paid, why haven’t I received a card yet?

If multiple weeks have paid, double check the day the payments were released. It takes 2-3 business days to see a deposit in your account.

Tax Withholding

Will you go back and withhold income taxes from prior weeks that have already been paid?

No, we will only begin to withhold income taxes the date we process your request(s). 

Will the amount being withheld be reduced if I only receive a partial payment?

Withholding amounts are based on a percentage of your weekly benefit amount even if you are only receiving partial payments. Although you may be receiving a reduced weekly benefit amount, the withholding amount will be 3.5 percent of your weekly benefit amount for state withholding and 10 percent for federal withholding.

Will you send me the tax withholding forms?

We will not automatically send out income tax withholding forms.

What is the amount you will withhold for Kansas State income taxes for federal income taxes?

We will withhold 3.5 percent of your weekly benefit amount for state income taxes and 10 percent for federal income taxes if you have elected to have taxes withheld. For example, if your weekly benefit amount is $200 we will withhold $7 for Kansas income taxes and $20 for federal taxes.

Will I need to fill out a form to start or stop both Kansas and Federal income tax withholding?

Yes, complete the form to start or stop withholding for federal or Kansas taxes. The form can be found on the UI Forms and Guides page. 

Can I elect to only withhold Kansas income taxes?


Can I elect to only withhold federal income taxes?