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null What are the employers responsibilities if approved for the Shared Work Program?

While on Shared Work, the employer will be responsible for submitting a weekly certification form to the Kansas Department of Labor, certifying the number of hours worked by each employee during the week. The employer must make sure every week that at least 10% of employees in the affected unit qualify—that is, they have had their work hours reduced by 10% to 50%.

If the employer does not meet this 10% requirement during a given week, then NO employees on the weekly certification will qualify for benefits that week. For example: A business unit of 37 employees must have at least 10% of its members—3.7 people, rounded up to 4—listed on the weekly certification.

Employees should NOT file a claim for regular unemployment. Doing so will cause a delay in payment.

The employer manages the Shared Work Program. This means that in addition to meeting the conditions for shared work each week and submitting the weekly certification, they must also keep employees informed about the program and help answer questions.