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null What do I have to do in order to participate?

The employer manages the Shared Work Program, which means they will need to apply to participate and provide a list of employees who will be affected. Employers should also notify employees that an identity verification will be conducted with the Social Security Administration as part of the employer’s application.

While on Shared Work, the employer will be responsible for submitting a weekly certification form to the Kansas Department of Labor, certifying the number of hours worked by each employee during the week.

At the start of the employer’s participation in Shared Work, employees may have to complete a form to confirm their identity and help the employer create their claim.

Employees should NOT file a claim for regular unemployment. Doing so will cause a delay in payment.

Employees can elect to receive their Shared Work benefits through direct deposit or debit card. To change payment method, log on to the Get Kansas Benefits site and select “Payment options” from the main menu. Then select the payment method and fill out the required information.

If you are participating in the Shared Work Plan, you are not required to look for work and are not penalized for refusing job offers from other employers.

After an employer has been approved and has submitted the required forms to initiate an employee’s claim, the employee will receive in the mail a Monetary Determination and Regular Unemployment forms. Employees should review the Monetary Determination carefully to understand how their benefits have been calculated. They should securely discard the Regular Unemployment forms because the Shared Work Program forms their employer submits cover their claim and ongoing participation.