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null What is approved training?

Approved training is any training program found by the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) to meet  approved training guidelines. Training must be vocational or technical in nature and short-term  (typically less than two years) to be considered for approved training. It includes training programs authorized under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. All requests for approved training must be submitted on an individual basis by the claimant. KDOL will determine if the training qualifies as approved training. Approved training also applies to Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) participants enrolled in and approved for training.

For training to be designated approved training, you must establish a demonstrated need for the training – which means showing that the training will enhance your opportunity for an early return to employment. For this reason, decisions regarding approved training are specific to each claimant, dependent upon your existing skills, work experience and job prospects for the type of training being sought. In addition, approved training must be training that will lead to employment as opposed to self-employment. You must continue to look for work every week you are unemployed unless otherwise directed by KDOL.