Labor Relations FAQs

The Kansas Department of Labor Labor Relations Division acts on behalf of the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) to administer the Public Employer Employee Relations Act (PEERA) and for the Secretary of Labor to administer the Professional Negotiations Act (PNA). These Kansas laws, enacted more than 35 years ago, establish the right of public employees in Kansas to organize and negotiate with public employers regarding terms and conditions of employment and grievances. Please select from a Labor Relations category below to get more help. 

null What is PERB?

The Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) administers the Kansas Public Employer-Employee Relations Act (PEERA).

The Board handles unfair labor practice complaints against public employers, employee organizations and others. Unfair labor practice complaints generally deal with failure to act according to the Labor Relations appropriate conduct, for example, by unilateral changes in wages or hours and other working conditions.

The Board consists of five members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Kansas Senate. One member is a representative of public employers; one member is a representative of public employees; three members represent the general public. No more than three members are appointed from the same political party. The Executive Director of PERB and other staff members are provided by the Department of Labor to support the Board in the administration of these public sector labor laws.