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null As an employee, can I be covered by the Shared Work Program?

Employees may participate in a Shared Work plan if they meet the following conditions. They must:

  • be able to work and available for full-time work with the participating employer.
  • be eligible for regular unemployment benefits in the state of Kansas.
  • accept all work offered by the participating employer for the claim period filed.
  • not work more than the reduced hours specified in the plan.
  • have valid authorization to work in the United States, if not a U.S. citizen.
  • report to their employer any hours worked with other employment.
  • work at least 8 hours in the week.

The Shared Work Program does not cover seasonal employees. An employee will be considered seasonal if they typically work for a period of six months or less and the period of employment begins in approximately the same part of the year (e.g., summer, winter or holiday season)—regardless of how many hours the employee is expected to work each week.

Employees who are participating in the Shared Work program may receive benefits for up to 52 weeks.