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How does an employer violate Sec. 1 of House Bill 2001?

An employer is in violation of Sec. 1 of 2021 Special Session H.B. 2001 if:

  • The employer implemented a COVID-19 vaccine requirement;
  • The employee submitted a written waiver request for a religious or medical exemption to the employer’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement (as defined in the law); and
  • The employer: (1) failed to offer an exemption, (2) improperly denied an exemption request, (3) took punitive action against the employee for requesting an exemption, or (4) committed any other violations of Sec. 1 of H.B. 2001, such as inquiring into the sincerity of the employee’s exemption request based on sincerely held religious beliefs.

To file a complaint with KDOL under Section 1 of 2021 Special Session H.B. 2001, you must be an employee aggrieved of a violation of Section 1 of 2021 Special Session H.B. 2001 by your employer who is in the state of Kansas. You may not file a complaint on behalf of another employee or for an employer who you are not employed by.

If you believe you were aggrieved by a violation of 2021 Special Session H.B. 2001, please visit www.getkansasbenefits.gov/CovidLaw/Instructions to start the complaint process.