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Approved Training

What is approved training?

Approved training is any training program found by the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) to meet  approved training guidelines. Training must be vocational or technical in nature and short-term  (typically less than two years) to be considered for approved training. It includes training programs authorized under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. All requests for approved training must be submitted on an individual basis by the claimant. KDOL will determine if the training qualifies as approved training. Approved training also applies to Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) participants enrolled in and approved for training.

For training to be designated approved training, you must establish a demonstrated need for the training – which means showing that the training will enhance your opportunity for an early return to employment. For this reason, decisions regarding approved training are specific to each claimant, dependent upon your existing skills, work experience and job prospects for the type of training being sought. In addition, approved training must be training that will lead to employment as opposed to self-employment. You must continue to look for work every week you are unemployed unless otherwise directed by KDOL.

What type of benefits can I receive if I’m in approved training and for how long?

If your training meets the approved training guidelines and you meet all other eligibility requirements, you will be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits and the requirement to seek work will be waived during the time you are in school or training and making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the training.

The actual number of weeks for which you may be eligible is determined by the total benefit amount of your original claim for unemployment benefits.

How do I know if I'm eligible; how can I apply?

If you wish to file for approved training, complete the School Attendance/Approved Training Application (K-BEN 317) form below. The form must be completed and returned to KDOL so that a determination can be made. The only way to know if you are eligible is to submit the form. KDOL will issue a determination notifying you of your eligibility for approved training.

If you are approved for training under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), you must complete the form (page one only) and submit the WIA approval letter with the completed request form. KDOL will approve the WIA training and waive the requirement that you seek work provided you make satisfactory progress while in approved training.

Are approved training benefits different than regular benefits?

Approved training benefits are paid each week just like unemployment benefits and you must continue to file a weekly claim. Your benefits will be paid to your unemployment debit card. If approved for training, every four weeks you will be mailed a Progress in Approved Training Report form. You will need to take this form to the training facility for completion and return the form to the Kansas Unemployment Contact Center. To receive benefits this report must be completed by the training facility to certify your weekly progress and attendance while in approved training.

Can I file my weekly claims for approved training online or by phone?

Yes, you file a weekly claim while in approved training in the same manner as you would your regular unemployment claim. While in approved training, you will be required to complete and return a Progress in Approved Training Report every four weeks.

What forms must I submit while on approved training?

Every four weeks you will be sent a Progress in Approved Training Report form to be completed and returned. A training facility representative must complete the form and sign it to certify that you are making satisfactory progress in your training program. This includes weeks you are on a break in training.The certification form must be filled out completely and mailed or faxed back to KDOL at the address or fax number shown on the upper right corner of the form. Delays in submitting this form can delay the payment of your claim. Incomplete forms will result in the form being returned for completion and could result in a denial of benefits.

What is the difference between school attendance and Approved Training?

It may be determined that you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits while attending school based on the fact that it does not interfere with your ability to seek or accept full-time work while attending school. You may still be required to look for work. You must show a full course of action that will result in your reemployment while attending school.
Approved training has specific guidelines that are listed above under "What is approved training?" If you meet these criteria, you will be informed of your work search requirements on the notice of determination mailed to you. You must have satisfactory attendance and make satisfactory progress in school in order to receive unemployment benefits.

What if I am late submitting my certification form or can’t get someone at my school to sign the form?

We cannot continue to pay benefits without the completed report. If we must return an incomplete form, you will have seven days to return the completed form. If you cannot get your trainer or a representative of the program to certify your satisfactory participation, your benefits will be denied. Kansas law K.S.A. 44-704 requires that we have all this information. You should still submit even if it is late or you have already been denied for a possible re-determination.

Can I take classes online under approved training?

If you are taking online courses, you may apply for approved training. KDOL will issue a determination notifying you whether the training meets the guidelines for approved training. You must still make satisfactory progress in the class to maintain your approved training status. You will still need the training facility to certify your satisfactory progress every four weeks.

What are TAA and TRA?

The Federal Trade Act provides several benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) is one of the benefits covered under TAA. TRA payments are intended mainly for workers who are enrolled in approved training for a new job because their previous job was affected by foreign imports. TRA provides additional income support to individuals who qualify after their regular unemployment benefits are exhausted.

TRA is available to workers who are adversely affected by a trade-impacted employer. The trade-impacted employer must be covered under a certification of group eligibility. Certification of group eligibility is a group of workers of a firm or subdivision of a firm that have been certified by the U.S. Department of Labor as eligible to apply for TAA benefits.

If you think you may qualify for these benefits, please contact a Kansas Department of Commerce Workforce Center.