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null Automatic Registration for KANSASWORKS

What is automatic registration?

Automatic registration is a process that allows claimants who apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits to be automatically registered for services through KANSASWORKS, the state’s workforce system linking businesses, job seekers and educational institutions. The information provided on the UI benefits application is used to register the claimant with KANSASWORKS.

What is the benefit of being registered with KANSASWORKS?

Registration with KANSASWORKS gets you one step closer to finding a job. You can perform job searches, build and post online résumés, save job searches, create personal profiles and receive email updates. You will also have access to staff services that can help you find a job, as well as additional resources, including skills certification and training programs.

Is everyone who applies for unemployment benefits registered with KANSASWORKS?

Everyone who applies for unemployment insurance benefits online or by phone will automatically be registered with KANSASWORKS. Individuals who are registered for unemployment insurance benefits by their employers through an electronic filing process will not be automatically registered with KANSASWORKS. However, those individuals can take advantage of the benefits by registering with KANSASWORKS.

What if my employer files my application through the electronic filing program? Will I still be registered with KANSASWORKS?

No. Individuals whose applications for unemployment benefits are filed electronically by their employers are not automatically registered for KANSASWORKS. Those individuals must register with KANSASWORKS.

Do I have to do anything special to be registered?

No. Once you’ve completed your application, you are registered with KANSASWORKS.

Do I need to do anything special after I am registered with KANSASWORKS?

When you access your account at KANSASWORKS.com for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. Once registered with KANSASWORKS, you are in control of your job search. The services provided through KANSASWORKS can help you by providing information about job openings and other resources to help you find employment.

How will I get the information about my username and password for KANSASWORKS?

Your username and temporary password for KANSASWORKS will be mailed to you with your monetary determination notice. If you complete your UI benefits application online, your username and temporary password will also be provided on the confirmation page once you complete your application.

If I apply for benefits and my claim is denied, will I still be registered with KANSASWORKS?

Yes. Your registration with KANSASWORKS is not dependent upon receiving unemployment benefits. Even if your claim is denied, your registration with KANSASWORKS will still be effective.

What kind of job matching information will I receive through the automatic registration program?

Claimants who complete their applications for unemployment insurance benefits online will be provided helpful information regarding the number of current job listings on KANSASWORKS that match their job classification. This same information is available to anyone registered, including those who apply for unemployment benefits by phone, by accessing their account via KANSASWORKS.

I am on a temporary layoff and will be returning to my job soon, so I don’t need to look for new work. Will I be automatically registered with KANSASWORKS when I file for unemployment?

Yes. The application process for filing for unemployment benefits includes automatic registration with KANSASWORKS. You can access your account via KANSASWORKS. If you are on a temporary layoff and are not interested in applying for other job opportunities, you may disregard the information provided to you.

Where can I get more information about the job search process?

Information and assistance with the job search process can be obtained by going to KANSASWORKS or by contacting your local workforce centers.