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null Can a claimant turn down a job while receiving benefits?

You are not eligible for unemployment benefits if you fail without good cause to accept suitable work if it is offered to you. Suitability is determined by considering your skills, training, experience and capabilities needed for the job. Labor market conditions must also be taken into consideration when considering the suitability of any work offered (your prospects for work, the number of jobs available in your chosen occupation or skills area, etc.). Did the job meet federal/state standards in that the working conditions were not substantially less favorable than those prevailing for similar work in the labor market? If it is determined the job is suitable and you failed to accept the work, you are disqualified from benefits.

If the job was suitable, did you have good cause for refusing the work? Did you refuse the job because of illness, hospitalization, lack of child care or transportation, etc.? These are availability issues. In order to establish good cause, you must have made every reasonable attempt to remove the restriction. 

If you refused work for a job-related reason – wages, hours, type of work, distance, etc. – good cause is based on your length of unemployment, prior earnings/working conditions, prospects of other employment and availability of work in the labor market.