Overpayments FAQs

If you have an overpayment, it means that the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) has determined that you obtained Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in excess of the amount that might otherwise have applied. There can be several causes of overpayment but the most common is a determination, at a hearing or an appeal, that you were not qualified to receive UI benefits which had already been provided to you. Overpayments can also be due to fraudulent UI claims.

null Can I appeal the decision that caused the overpayment?

Your appeal rights, if any in your circumstance, are set out in KSA 44-709 or KSA 77-601 et seq. They are also paraphrased in determination communications provided to you by KDOL relating to the establishment of an overpayment. The time limits set out in the appeals process are strictly enforced. You are encouraged to exercise any right to appeal should you choose to do so. If the time for appeals has passed, the Asset Recovery unit of KDOL is not authorized to discuss appeals. You are encouraged to consult with your legal advisor concerning your appeal rights.