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null How can I avoid having my debt offset for payment?

Prior to submitting debts to the TOP, KDOL is required to notify each debtor that it intends to refer the debt for federal offset. If you receive this notice, you have 60 days to do one of the following before the debt is sent for offset:

  1. Pay your debt in full. Payment may be mailed to Kansas Department of Labor Attn: Benefit Payment Control Unit at 401 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66603-3182.
Note: Include your Social Security number on your payment. If paying with a credit card (MC, Discover or American Express) call (800) 272-9829 (jurisdiction code: 2611) or visit the Official Payments website.
  1. Provide proof of payment. If you believe that all or part of this debt has already been paid, you must send documentation to support your claim to the above address or fax to (785) 291-3425.
  2. Provide bankruptcy information. KDOL will not submit your debt to TOP if you are protected by bankruptcy provisions. You must notify KDOL by sending evidence concerning your bankruptcy to the above address. This evidence should include the case number, filing date and the name of the court in which you filed your bankruptcy claim.