Unemployment FAQs

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null How can I keep my claim moving?

  • Complete and return all information requests promptly. The sooner we have answers to our questions, the sooner we can make a determination.
  • Pay attention to information requests that appear on the "confirmation" page when you file your claim online. They must be printed, filled out and returned before we can make a determination on your claim.
  • Watch your mailbox. We may send you requests for additional information. And if you move, let us know promptly.
  • Send your information to the address or fax number indicated on our form.
  • You should respond to our request for information, Print clearly, answer all the questions and explain yourself fully.
  • Make sure your name and Social Security number are on all pages of correspondence.
  • Be available when we schedule a call for your determination interview. It might come a little earlier or later in the day because of the length of other scheduled calls.
  • Continue to file weekly claims while any investigations are underway.