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null How to File Quarterly Wage Reports

Do I have to pre-enroll for any of the file upload services?

No. This service is open to the public and anybody can submit data to it.

Is the data transmission secure?

Yes. Both the Internet and Web service use 128 bit data encryption.

Is there a test environment I can use to test my file submissions?

Yes. Using the Web service you can use the 'SubmitTestFile' method. Any data submitted while using this method will not be processed. You can also validate files visiting KansasEmployer.gov.

What is the maximum file size I can submit?

Each file is limited to 5mb. Each file submitter is limited to 100mb per day. If you need to submit large files, employers are encouraged to compress their files using the acceptable compression algorithms accepted by KDOL.

When can I submit files?

Files can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for scheduled maintenance periods.

Can I compress my files before submitting them?

Yes. KDOL will accept files that have been compressed using zip, gz (gzip) and bz2 (bzip2).

When can I expect an acknowledgement of my file submission?

KDOL will acknowledge receipt of your file. The time it takes to acknowledge receipt of your file depends on site traffic at the time you submit your information. In most cases you can expect an acknowledgement within a few minutes.

Will the file layout for the current magnetic media or floppy disk submission work with the new electronic file submission system?

No. Since June 1, 2007, KDOL no longer accepts magnetic media data submissions. Although we still accept the NASWA format, there have been a few additions. The Code E record has had the Zip and Zip + four moved. The Code S record has had the State Account Number moved to columns 147-152. In addition on the Code S record, the mid-month employment is now required in columns 212, 213, and 214. Please review the specification carefully before submitting any files. Any data that is in columns not listed on the file specification will be ignored.

I represent multiple employers. Can I submit more than one employer in the same file?

Yes. If you would like to submit information for multiple employers, simply add an additional employer record, followed by the additional employee records.

Do I have to send in a separate Contra Sheet for each employer submitted via file upload?

No. The contra will be calculated by KDOL based off of the wage detail submitted. No additional Contra Sheet is necessary.

If I submit my wage detail using the file upload, do I have to submit my payment the same way?

No. You can submit payments multiple ways. The file upload is just one option. Other options include the KDOL Web site or simply sending a physical check to KDOL. If a physical check is sent, an indication must be made as to which account number the payment should be applied to.

What are the fees if I make my quarterly Kansas wage tax payment via credit card?

The following credit card fee schedule outlines the charges which will be billed on your credit card as a convenience fee. The fee for payments made by credit card above $999.99 will increase by $3.00 per $100.00.

Payment Amount From($) Payment Amount To ($) Credit Card Fee ($)
0.01 49.99 0.00
50.00 99.99 1.00
100.00 149.99 3.00
150.00 199.99 4.00
200.00 299.99 6.00
300.00 399.99 10.00
400.00 499.99 13.00
500.00 599.99 16.00
600.00 699.99 19.00
700.00 799.99 21.00
800.00 899.99 24.00
900.00 999.99 27.00

Can I file zero wage reports using the wage upload service?

Yes. A Zero Wage report will have one employee record following the employer record. A MMREF zero wage employee (RS) record will require a Record ID, Serial/Account Number, Reporting Period and Zero Wage field. A NASWA zero wage employee (S) record will require a Record ID, Reporting Period and Zero Wage field.

If my report is late can I still file it?

Yes. Any late reports will be accepted at any time.

My question still has not been answered. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, you can contact KDOL at (785) 296-5027 or KDOL.UITax@ks.gov.

I don't want to build a formatted file to upload. Can I still file electronically?

Yes. Wage Detail and Electronic Payments Information can still be filed via KansasEmployer.gov.

I submit MMREF or NASWA to other states. Will the same layout work with Kansas?

The required specification we use for each file is the standard specification issued by the respective organizations. However the state record allows for some customizable fields such as state employer account number. Please review the file specification carefully to ensure other layouts are compatible with KDOL's. Any data required by other states that are in columns not used by KDOL will be ignored.