Labor Relations FAQs

The Kansas Department of Labor Labor Relations Division acts on behalf of the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) to administer the Public Employer Employee Relations Act (PEERA) and for the Secretary of Labor to administer the Professional Negotiations Act (PNA). These Kansas laws, enacted more than 35 years ago, establish the right of public employees in Kansas to organize and negotiate with public employers regarding terms and conditions of employment and grievances. Please select from a Labor Relations category below to get more help. 

null Where is the form to return information to you and what do I need to send?

Please visit the Labor Relations Division page for access to all PNA and PEERA forms. Be sure to read the instructions for each type of form as the requirements do vary. Generally, you are required to submit the original and several copies. The number of copies depends on the form. The original may require notarization and cannot be submitted electronically but must be sent by Certified Mail.

Please be sure that the form is filled out completely, or it will be returned to you.