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null Is the $300 amount going to be reduced?

Generally speaking, no. The $300 will be paid “all-or-nothing” based upon a claimant’s eligibility in a given week. However, there are two scenarios which may cause the FPUC amount to be less than $300.

First, KDOL is required to withhold mandatory child support obligations just as it does for regular unemployment benefits. If you are an individual who owes child support, it may be withheld from the FPUC payment.

Second, FPUC is taxable income that must be reported when filing income taxes each year. Individuals may elect to have income taxes withheld form state or federal benefits. If so elected, the FPUC amount paid in a given week will be less than $300.

KDOL has taken my entire weekly benefit amount to apply to an overpayment of benefits from a prior claim year.