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null Job Vacancy Survey

Why is this survey being conducted?

Job vacancy data provide a better understanding of the labor demands in Kansas.  It can assist area businesses in developing their recruitment strategies as well as various educational entities in providing necessary training for higher demand jobs.

How will this information be used?

Information provided by individual businesses will be compiled to create a report showing the number of job vacancies and the job vacancy rates. This report will present information by occupation, business size and industry. All data is confidential and will be presented in aggregate so that no individual response will be identifiable.

What areas will this information be available for?

Results from the survey will provide statewide information as well as statistics for each of the seven projection regions used by KDOL’s Labor Market Information Services Unit.

Will my company’s information be accessible to the public?

All responses to the survey are considered confidential. We will use collected responses to produce summary statistics on vacancies by region, occupation, industry and size. No data identifying individual firms will be published or released.

Who is conducting the Job Vacancy Survey?

The survey is being conducted by Labor Market Information Services (LMIS), the statistical branch of the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL).

Have you conducted this survey before?

The Job Vacancy Survey has been conducted annually by LMIS since 2003. It was conducted during the Spring and Fall in 2018, then returned to an annual survey.

How can I receive a copy of the survey results?

Final results will be compiled in aggregate form and will be presented on our website.  These results should be available in the fall. Results from previous job vacancy studies can be found on the Kansas Department of Labor Information Center website.

More labor market information, including past Job Vacancy Survey results, can be found here.

Who should complete this survey?

Anyone with knowledge of the company’s job vacancies can complete the survey.  The survey asks for a contact person in case we have questions about information included in the survey.

Is this survey mandatory?

Participation in the survey is voluntary, however it is highly appreciated.  Studies such as this are beneficial to gathering information about job vacancies.  If your organization does not wish to participate in the survey, we ask that you please let us know by returning the survey form with a note saying you do not wish to participate. This will help us save time and money contacting businesses that we haven't heard from.

Can we be removed from your mailing list?

A sample of all businesses in Kansas was selected to participate in this survey. If you do not want to participate this year, please return the survey with a note so we can remove you from follow-up mailings related to this survey and its results.

Can I leave column B, the number of job openings, blank since I do not know how many openings there are?

The number of job openings is necessary in this survey to determine the number of job vacancies.  Please provide the most accurate estimate of job openings you have for each occupation at this point-in-time.

This position pays by load or by term – how do I report that?

You can enter the amount of compensation and enter how it is paid, whether by load, by day, or by semester.

We received multiple copies of the survey form. Do we need to fill them all out?

The survey was mailed to individual business locations. In some cases, multiple copies may be forwarded from different locations or divisions to a central division office. Each survey is for a different business, location or county, which is indicated on the survey form.  If possible, please enter the job openings you have available at the specific location indicated on the survey document.

What location is this survey intended for?

The study is for the State of Kansas, therefore the establishment we are surveying should be in located in Kansas. The mailing label should indicate the business name and mailing address. Additional information such as county and physical address of the location is included on the form to help identify the location. We are requesting that you report for the location listed on the survey. If that is not possible, please report for a location in the same county or city and provide the address of the location you are reporting for.

Information is not available for the establishment indicated in the address or the report for/location field shown on the survey form. Should I respond for a different location?

For the purposes of this survey, we are only interested in the establishment located in the state of Kansas. If you are responding for a location different than shown on the survey form, please provide the address for the location for which you are reporting. To obtain accurate results it is important that you answer all questions throughout the survey about the same establishment.

We only have a small number of employees. Do I still need to complete the survey?

It is important that we collect information from businesses of all sizes. Information will be compiled not only by business size, but also by industry and occupation.

We do not have any vacancies at this location; do I still need to return the survey?

It is important for you to return the survey even if you have no vacancies. If you have no vacancies you may notify us by telephone at (866) 270-2873 (toll-free). You will be asked to provide your Survey ID number, located on the right hand side of your survey.

The organization that received the survey is closed/has been sold/does not have any Kansas employees/etc. What should I do?

Please return the survey form with a note explaining the situation so we can remove that business from the survey mailing list.

We currently do not have any openings but are always accepting applications. Do we include the occupations that we are always accepting applications for?

This survey is being conducted to determine the number of job vacancies at this point-in-time. Please only include openings that you are currently hiring for. In some cases, applications may always be accepted, however, do not include them unless you are willing to hire someone with the qualifications you are requiring.

If you have a website listing current open-for-hire vacancies, you may provide us with the web address and we can take care of the rest.  Please provide a contact person in case there are any questions regarding the listing.

Can this survey be answered on-line?

Yes, it is available on the KDOL website.

Is there a form available for me to type the information in?

Yes, there is a Microsoft Excel version of the JVS form below. We can also email you this version of the JVS form by request. We will also accept data in any format as long as the data we request is on it. You can e-mail these electronic copies back to us at KDOL.laborstats@ks.gov.  Please include your survey id number and contact information. 

I did not have enough space to list all of the openings we have. How can I get another copy of the survey form?

There are four methods of securing more room for all your openings.

  1. Make as many copies of page 2, part B, as you need to allow for enough room for all your job vacancies. 
  2. Contact us by e-mail and we can e-mail a blank copy of the form for you to print. This printable form is available in pdf.
  3. Contact us by telephone at (866) 270-2873 and we will mail or fax additional copies to you. 
  4. You may continue the list on another piece of paper as long as you follow the format on the survey form.

I misplaced the postage-paid envelope that came with the survey. What's the mailing address for the survey?

Attn:  Job Vacancy Survey
Labor Market Information Services
Kansas Department of Labor
401 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS  66603

What is the fax number for the Kansas Labor Market Information Services?

Our fax number is (785) 296-5286.  Please fax it to the attention of Laura Crosswhite.