Labor Relations FAQs

The Kansas Department of Labor Labor Relations Division acts on behalf of the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) to administer the Public Employer Employee Relations Act (PEERA) and for the Secretary of Labor to administer the Professional Negotiations Act (PNA). These Kansas laws, enacted more than 35 years ago, establish the right of public employees in Kansas to organize and negotiate with public employers regarding terms and conditions of employment and grievances. Please select from a Labor Relations category below to get more help. 

null On the election form for representation, it requires 30 percent showing of interest. Is that 30 percent of the union or 30 percent of those covered by the contract?

It is 30 percent of the individuals who will be covered by the agreement being negotiated. The election will be conducted by mail. The Office of Labor Relations sends a ballot to each voter and counts the ballots when they are mailed back.