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What is the Unemployment Debit Card?

Important Notice: Starting July 20, 2021, unemployment benefits will be issued on the new U.S. Bank ReliaCard®. Any remaining funds on the Bank of America debit card will not be transferable to the new ReliaCard.

The Unemployment Debit Card is one way for unemployment claimants in Kansas to receive unemployment benefits. A card will be mailed to your home address when your first payable week is processed. Through U.S. Bank, the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) deposits your unemployment benefit payments onto your card, making cash available to you through ATMs, MasterCard member financial institutions and other locations, such as grocery stores, that accept MasterCard debit cards. The Frequently Asked Questions on the U.S. Bank ReliaCard® website provides detailed instructions on how to use your card.

Important Reminder: It can take more than one week after processing the first payable week for you to receive your debit card.

If a claimant selects debit card but has a previous debit card from filing for UI before, the payments may be loaded to the old card. They can call U.S. Bank at (866) 335-1653 to double check if they already have a card and/or if a replacement card is needed.