If you have an overpayment, it means that the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) has determined that you obtained Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in excess of the amount that might otherwise have applied. There can be several causes of overpayment. The most common is a determination, at a hearing or an appeal, that you were not qualified to receive UI benefits which had already been provided to you. Overpayments can also be due to fraudulent UI claims.

The amount of overpayment was indicated on the determination or order you received from KDOL or, if the result of an appeal to the Court system, it may have been stated in the Court’s Order(s). You may obtain a current statement of overpayment, interest and related costs to be recovered by calling Asset Recovery.

PURSUANT TO LAW, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REPAY ALL UI BENEFIT OVERPAYMENTS TO THE KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. As a general rule, an overpayment does not result in recovery efforts until after an overpayment determination has been made, all appeals have been resolved and time for further appeals has run out. Asset Recovery efforts commence after the overpayment amount has become an unappealable final administrative determination subject only to collection and recovery efforts.

Pay Online

The majority of individuals who receive notice of overpayment, pay online for quick and ease solution to resolve their debt.
The Kansas Department of Labor partners with Official Payments Corporation to give individuals the ability to pay fees online or by phone. This service is safe and reliable. Please be sure you choose the appropriate link for your payment type. A large number of errors occurs when payments are made using an incorrect link.


Pay by Mail

  • Payments on an Overpayment Account may be made by check, money order or cashier’s check. Make your check or money order payable to Kansas Department of Labor, Attention Asset Recovery.
  • Please include the last four digits of your social security number on your payments.
  • Do not send cash.
  • Include sufficient information on the payment form to identify the account to which the payment is to be applied, e.g., First, Middle or Last Name and a Phone Number or the UID # located on the statements. DO NOT PLACE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON THE FORM OF PAYMENT.

Pay by Phone

Call Toll-Free: (800) 272-9829 (use jurisdiction code 2611)

Other Options

  • Some banks and financial institutions provide services that would provide an automatic monthly payment. You should talk to your bank or financial institution about services that they might offer to assist you with regular payments.
  • KDOL does not currently accept Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments on overpayments.

Voluntary repayment plans are available for individuals unable to pay the entire amount in a lump sum. Voluntary repayment plans are not binding. The benefit, however, to making timely and suitable payments is to avoid a potential garnishment from your current place of employment, or a third-party.

A voluntary repayment plan is your promise of how you intend to reduce your UI Overpayment account to a zero balance. Offered plans are neither accepted nor rejected (and there is no return confirmation) but are left open for your performance of your stated intentions. Remember to make each payment when due. Under any repayment plan, a final payment may be larger or smaller than any recurring payment amount. Failure to timely make a payment will mean that there is no plan in place. Making timely and suitable payments under a repayment plan or offer may extend your time to repay the overpayment but does not compromise or reduce the balance of your Overpayment account. In addition, your voluntary payments may not prevent KDOL from offsetting other monies including, but not limited to, tax returns, offsets, other benefits or future UI benefits.

If you want to establish a repayment plan, you will need your personal information, the current balance and suggested monthly repayment of your Overpayment account. Submit a completed, signed Overpayment Repayment Plan form (K-BEN 899) with an initial payment to Kansas Department of Labor Asset Recovery Unit at the address below. 

Note: You may call Asset Recovery to obtain your current balance or use the self-service tool listed above.

Kansas Department of Labor
Asset Recovery Unit

401 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS 66603-3182